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Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Morning Followers; its a great time to be alive. I got a new backpack this weekend with a bladder built-in a 2 day pack for $30.00. I have found out that I seem to carry way to much stuff in my packs so I'm trying to weed thru it all to see what I really need to have and to get some of the older things I have that expired or old and replace it with newer stuff for my Medicine bag that I keep inside my BOB bag. Its funny my wife say's I'm a bag freak cause I have a few smaller bags inside my BOB bag that holds a lot of smaller things like my bandages and medicine in it. I also sharped up some of my knifes that I have not touched in a year or so and checked out the layout of my BOB like what pocket has what in it, sounds boring HUH. Well thats what I did to stay prepared what did you guys do?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tuesday the 4th was Julie and mine's 20th wedding anniversary and its hard to belive that time has gone so fast but when your with your soul mate time has no meaning and life is easy when two people really want to be together and work hard at that relationship.Yes; we work very hard at being in a relationship and it takes work lots of work to support each other and to all way's think of the other's feelings and what they want or don't want to do.
 Its funny but a relationship is like a survival situation; hahaha. You want to work with each other to provide a safe place to raise your family so they are protected and have food stored up for emergancy's then you need to work toward's raising the kids to be polite as well as teaching them to hunt and fordge for food and to learn to love one another and to watch each other's back and to learn that you can count on someone else in this life to all way's be there. I started worrying about how we would live if  'SHTF" and all the other things that go with it. We live in Florida where hurricane's and violet storm's can bring down the "gird" and cause lots of problems for everyone and only half of the population seems to be ready for an emergency and that alone really scares me because when it happens I'm ready as I can be to provide for my family and will protect them for all I'm worth, I will take DOWN anyone and I MEAN ANYONE that tries to take or harm my wife and kids and will do what ever it takes to protect them. I have read many blogs that ask the question: could you / would you kill someone if you had too. HELL YES I WOULD / COULD DO IT!! for my wife I would lasso the moon and give it too her on a silver platter.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone I hope it was a safe and joyous time for all. We drank so much beer and ate way too much food but we had a great time and bearley made it to 2pm before I crashed.

anyway HELLO 2012 and I hope you are as nice too my family as 2011 was.