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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well hell Christmas is over; Damn it came so quick and now its over. I hope every one had a safe Christmas time and are happy with yourself for all that you have achieved.We did good at the homestead here with a great honey ham supper then lunch then supper then a snack then-well you get the point the 15 lb ham goes a long way toward lots of meals the following days which is good for us to make the little bit of money we have go a long way. As far as presents go nick made out with some headphones and a new alarm clock some clothes and a few odd things in his stocking, my lovely wife got a new day pack with a Bladder, a new fire start rod and a new compass and headlight light. also I stocked up on more foods for storage closet cause foods are also on the cheap side for the holidays so it makes since. That's about all from Santa cause we are the type that if we need something we get it then so when Christmas comes around we really don't need much.

 Ok, so I have a question that me and my wife have a different opinion on: do you take your Christmas stuff down before or after the new year; you see my mom always took down our stuff down before the new year and said its because you don't want to have any unfinished work from the old year to be finished in the new year. My wife says that the decorations are a way to bring in the new year and to take it down the second week of the new year. So what do YOU do as far as decorations go ???

Now that I think about it would you decorate for a hoilday if SHTF has happend, would you want to or would it be that by celebrating it would give your location away! That would be sad to go thru a holiday without celebrating it. I know that it seems like the holidays are thought of  most for spending money but during the holidays its the kids that would miss out the most, especialy during Halloween when free candy is just the greatest thing in the world and Christmas is fun for presents that the really did not need in the first place but its the fun we have Christmas morning opening them all up, for me hell I could not sleep much anyway so I was up two hours before nick got. But to see his face and my wifes as they opened up there presents were PRICELESS..Did anyone else get any good prepping equipment? Til next time!!

                                        MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Friday, December 23, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, thanks for stopping by and looking at our blogs. I hope everyone has a great christmas and I hope we all enjoy a great NEW YEAR.