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Sunday, February 19, 2012

WOW!! guys its seems so long since we updated the going on's that's happening around here. We just got a order of seeds for planting in the backyard this year. We ordered on line from "Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Mansfield, MO". We ordered them on a Sunday and they came on  Wednesday. Damn that was quick. They did a great job of talking to Julz about there services and what grows best with other things and what not; so about two weeks ago we received a great looking Catalog with awesome pictures from them, which I ordered back in December,  Yea I'm a picture's kind of guy when it comes to plants and vegetables and such and chosing plants seems easier from a catalog then on a computer. Any way once we decided on what we wanted to try new this year and still plant the ones we really enjoyed last time. We are going to use more of the backyard then we have before , so we will have 4 different areas along with the fenced in part so 1/2 an acre all together. So we have the seeds and are working on the ground and wanting for march to start planting.

Well the news latley sure seems bleak and things don't look like its getting any better so working on beeing self-sustaining and be on the Low-Grid since I cant be off-grid; Low-Gird you ask well I have learned to on use power when needed. I don't leave things plug into power all the time. Seems strange but I even ture off my water heater unless I need hot water, of course it take a bit to get hot but only say an hour and then you can bath and wash dishes and what ever else needs hot water then I turn off main breaker to water heater till next time.Also unpluging even the computer from the wall and anyother things that dont need to be on is unpluged from the wall. Now its been a year since we started this way and I can honestley say it works in Jan and Feb of last year my bill was $290.00 for both month and this year it was $135.00 for both and that includes my water bill since both are billed together here. Anyway that why I say we live Low-Grid and keep our bills to a minimum. I dont even have cable here cause we don't sit around a TV all day long and when we get home from work we listen to music mostly, I have internet but its only lite but its all we need around here. It took awhile for my kids to get over some of the things we use to have and do but they have all learned how to go with out some things and have been a great help in the unpluging of wastefull energy and have helped in bringing down our overall use of electricity. Belive me all this works to keep our bills low.

If any one has any more ways to say a dime let me know I'm all ears.



Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Morning Followers; its a great time to be alive. I got a new backpack this weekend with a bladder built-in a 2 day pack for $30.00. I have found out that I seem to carry way to much stuff in my packs so I'm trying to weed thru it all to see what I really need to have and to get some of the older things I have that expired or old and replace it with newer stuff for my Medicine bag that I keep inside my BOB bag. Its funny my wife say's I'm a bag freak cause I have a few smaller bags inside my BOB bag that holds a lot of smaller things like my bandages and medicine in it. I also sharped up some of my knifes that I have not touched in a year or so and checked out the layout of my BOB like what pocket has what in it, sounds boring HUH. Well thats what I did to stay prepared what did you guys do?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tuesday the 4th was Julie and mine's 20th wedding anniversary and its hard to belive that time has gone so fast but when your with your soul mate time has no meaning and life is easy when two people really want to be together and work hard at that relationship.Yes; we work very hard at being in a relationship and it takes work lots of work to support each other and to all way's think of the other's feelings and what they want or don't want to do.
 Its funny but a relationship is like a survival situation; hahaha. You want to work with each other to provide a safe place to raise your family so they are protected and have food stored up for emergancy's then you need to work toward's raising the kids to be polite as well as teaching them to hunt and fordge for food and to learn to love one another and to watch each other's back and to learn that you can count on someone else in this life to all way's be there. I started worrying about how we would live if  'SHTF" and all the other things that go with it. We live in Florida where hurricane's and violet storm's can bring down the "gird" and cause lots of problems for everyone and only half of the population seems to be ready for an emergency and that alone really scares me because when it happens I'm ready as I can be to provide for my family and will protect them for all I'm worth, I will take DOWN anyone and I MEAN ANYONE that tries to take or harm my wife and kids and will do what ever it takes to protect them. I have read many blogs that ask the question: could you / would you kill someone if you had too. HELL YES I WOULD / COULD DO IT!! for my wife I would lasso the moon and give it too her on a silver platter.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone I hope it was a safe and joyous time for all. We drank so much beer and ate way too much food but we had a great time and bearley made it to 2pm before I crashed.

anyway HELLO 2012 and I hope you are as nice too my family as 2011 was.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well hell Christmas is over; Damn it came so quick and now its over. I hope every one had a safe Christmas time and are happy with yourself for all that you have achieved.We did good at the homestead here with a great honey ham supper then lunch then supper then a snack then-well you get the point the 15 lb ham goes a long way toward lots of meals the following days which is good for us to make the little bit of money we have go a long way. As far as presents go nick made out with some headphones and a new alarm clock some clothes and a few odd things in his stocking, my lovely wife got a new day pack with a Bladder, a new fire start rod and a new compass and headlight light. also I stocked up on more foods for storage closet cause foods are also on the cheap side for the holidays so it makes since. That's about all from Santa cause we are the type that if we need something we get it then so when Christmas comes around we really don't need much.

 Ok, so I have a question that me and my wife have a different opinion on: do you take your Christmas stuff down before or after the new year; you see my mom always took down our stuff down before the new year and said its because you don't want to have any unfinished work from the old year to be finished in the new year. My wife says that the decorations are a way to bring in the new year and to take it down the second week of the new year. So what do YOU do as far as decorations go ???

Now that I think about it would you decorate for a hoilday if SHTF has happend, would you want to or would it be that by celebrating it would give your location away! That would be sad to go thru a holiday without celebrating it. I know that it seems like the holidays are thought of  most for spending money but during the holidays its the kids that would miss out the most, especialy during Halloween when free candy is just the greatest thing in the world and Christmas is fun for presents that the really did not need in the first place but its the fun we have Christmas morning opening them all up, for me hell I could not sleep much anyway so I was up two hours before nick got. But to see his face and my wifes as they opened up there presents were PRICELESS..Did anyone else get any good prepping equipment? Til next time!!

                                        MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Friday, December 23, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, thanks for stopping by and looking at our blogs. I hope everyone has a great christmas and I hope we all enjoy a great NEW YEAR.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone. well we are prep'd and ready for our camping trip to Osceola National forest for the week. Trailer is packed and wow do we really need this much stuff for a week? when we have to bug out we will not be able to take this much stuff so how do you cut back. The B.O.B. bag i have is so heavy I joke to my wife I need to hire a person to tote it for me,hahahah. But for real its so heavy i could not walk from my home to hell the front yard and not be able to do much else like if I had to cut my way thru a jungle or well you get the point; ITS HEAVY. All this has me wondering what to keep and what to cut out of our things cause I feel like I only put what we would need to the trip.

 I remember my elders talking about not having a lot of stuff to drag along with them on their travels from place to place but for my family it seems like we have so much stuff but that that stuff is things we want not so much need and to get rid of it seems to make the kids feel like they have less then others. This is what TV does to a kid and adults for that matter, telling us we need to spend more, have more, get more, so we can build the economy up and help store's make their profits so this country is in better shape. Now when we get all this stuff now i need a bigger place to house it all and spend more money for lights and well it just goes on and on and on.
 One of the things we have done is to work on unplugging everything the uses power. All TV's computers anything that uses phantom power is unplugged we even shut off the water heater when not in use and we have seen a $50.00 decrease in our bill, yep sense it keeps the water at a current temp its always on and uses a lot of  power. Along with that I turned our refrigerator temp up for the fridge side and only a little on freezer side  so all of it together and not keeping the outside lights on all night we have saved $ 65.00 on our power bill this time.Very Cool Huh..
 All right will I've jumped all over the board again, promise I'll try to keep it all on the same page once I get better at this blog.

 Wa-do; thanks for stopping by.  BAMA