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Sunday, February 19, 2012

WOW!! guys its seems so long since we updated the going on's that's happening around here. We just got a order of seeds for planting in the backyard this year. We ordered on line from "Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Mansfield, MO". We ordered them on a Sunday and they came on  Wednesday. Damn that was quick. They did a great job of talking to Julz about there services and what grows best with other things and what not; so about two weeks ago we received a great looking Catalog with awesome pictures from them, which I ordered back in December,  Yea I'm a picture's kind of guy when it comes to plants and vegetables and such and chosing plants seems easier from a catalog then on a computer. Any way once we decided on what we wanted to try new this year and still plant the ones we really enjoyed last time. We are going to use more of the backyard then we have before , so we will have 4 different areas along with the fenced in part so 1/2 an acre all together. So we have the seeds and are working on the ground and wanting for march to start planting.

Well the news latley sure seems bleak and things don't look like its getting any better so working on beeing self-sustaining and be on the Low-Grid since I cant be off-grid; Low-Gird you ask well I have learned to on use power when needed. I don't leave things plug into power all the time. Seems strange but I even ture off my water heater unless I need hot water, of course it take a bit to get hot but only say an hour and then you can bath and wash dishes and what ever else needs hot water then I turn off main breaker to water heater till next time.Also unpluging even the computer from the wall and anyother things that dont need to be on is unpluged from the wall. Now its been a year since we started this way and I can honestley say it works in Jan and Feb of last year my bill was $290.00 for both month and this year it was $135.00 for both and that includes my water bill since both are billed together here. Anyway that why I say we live Low-Grid and keep our bills to a minimum. I dont even have cable here cause we don't sit around a TV all day long and when we get home from work we listen to music mostly, I have internet but its only lite but its all we need around here. It took awhile for my kids to get over some of the things we use to have and do but they have all learned how to go with out some things and have been a great help in the unpluging of wastefull energy and have helped in bringing down our overall use of electricity. Belive me all this works to keep our bills low.

If any one has any more ways to say a dime let me know I'm all ears.



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