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Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Morning Followers; its a great time to be alive. I got a new backpack this weekend with a bladder built-in a 2 day pack for $30.00. I have found out that I seem to carry way to much stuff in my packs so I'm trying to weed thru it all to see what I really need to have and to get some of the older things I have that expired or old and replace it with newer stuff for my Medicine bag that I keep inside my BOB bag. Its funny my wife say's I'm a bag freak cause I have a few smaller bags inside my BOB bag that holds a lot of smaller things like my bandages and medicine in it. I also sharped up some of my knifes that I have not touched in a year or so and checked out the layout of my BOB like what pocket has what in it, sounds boring HUH. Well thats what I did to stay prepared what did you guys do?

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