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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone. well we are prep'd and ready for our camping trip to Osceola National forest for the week. Trailer is packed and wow do we really need this much stuff for a week? when we have to bug out we will not be able to take this much stuff so how do you cut back. The B.O.B. bag i have is so heavy I joke to my wife I need to hire a person to tote it for me,hahahah. But for real its so heavy i could not walk from my home to hell the front yard and not be able to do much else like if I had to cut my way thru a jungle or well you get the point; ITS HEAVY. All this has me wondering what to keep and what to cut out of our things cause I feel like I only put what we would need to the trip.

 I remember my elders talking about not having a lot of stuff to drag along with them on their travels from place to place but for my family it seems like we have so much stuff but that that stuff is things we want not so much need and to get rid of it seems to make the kids feel like they have less then others. This is what TV does to a kid and adults for that matter, telling us we need to spend more, have more, get more, so we can build the economy up and help store's make their profits so this country is in better shape. Now when we get all this stuff now i need a bigger place to house it all and spend more money for lights and well it just goes on and on and on.
 One of the things we have done is to work on unplugging everything the uses power. All TV's computers anything that uses phantom power is unplugged we even shut off the water heater when not in use and we have seen a $50.00 decrease in our bill, yep sense it keeps the water at a current temp its always on and uses a lot of  power. Along with that I turned our refrigerator temp up for the fridge side and only a little on freezer side  so all of it together and not keeping the outside lights on all night we have saved $ 65.00 on our power bill this time.Very Cool Huh..
 All right will I've jumped all over the board again, promise I'll try to keep it all on the same page once I get better at this blog.

 Wa-do; thanks for stopping by.  BAMA

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