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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First camping trip w/Gear

First Camping Trip

So, this weekend, we will be going camping for the first time since my husband has gotten interested in all of this survivor stuff.  I have to admit, the more I get into it the better it seems to be.  We find out little tricks like for starting fire and collecting water.  We get to actually go rustic camping and try them out.  I used one method in the backyard.  I just had a hard time wrapping my mind around it.  I have to actually do and see myself.  So, steel wool (fine grade) a 9 volt battery and toilet paper (very small amount)  you make a small nest and then you simply touch the battery to the steel wool, haha sparks and then FIRE!  Very cool.  We have a couple of other methods to try, the most important thing will be to use these new ideas and sustain the fire because this trip we will be cooking on it.
We will be taking our Alice packs.  We got them at the Army/Navy Outdoor store.  They had been gently used, but a lil wash and some care and they aren't bad at all.  They are only 25.00.  Then you can buy the frame, the LBE and belt to add to the bag, (of which my survivor man has done).  I have a few items in the bag so far.  A rain suit, change of underwear, warm socks, flashlight, bottle/can opener, knife-------which reminds me, a knife is very individual.  I did not realize this at all until my husband went through all of his and I didn't like any but 1, and it will do for now, but I look forward to buying my own brand new knife.  We have fire starting equipment, first aid, emergency water (this is a very small amount otherwise it would get really heavy), I haven't found a day pack I like yet, but I keep looking.  We also have water purification tablets and a sewing kit.
Like I said, this camping trip will be exciting opening and trying out the things we have been collecting.  My youngest son, (14) will be in tow and we are looking forward to a nice hike and some compass reading, plant recognition and rustic fire starting.  I plan to journal the weekend and fill everybody in on what works and what didn't this time around.  We of course will make mistakes, maybe those will be the funniest stories.  I still will spill everything good and bad, well......about the camping itself.  LOL  See you next Monday.

Your friendly beginner SURVIVAL WIFE!


  1. That sounds wonderful!! I love hiking and camping. Wool socks.. wool is one that keeps in warmth even when wet. Multi-tools are hefy, but VERY useful.

    I hope you have a great time!

  2. We did! Had a great time and the weather was perfect. We all enjoyed it, even the teenager and the "no media" rule.

  3. Julz - can't wait to hear the what you guys are doing so far - good for you!