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Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaching my wife and kids to look back instead of forward.

Well its the close to the end of 2011 and things seem to be worst then last year so as a 50 year old man who grows up always trying to move forward in life it seems that what I was told as a young man is not how things seem to be at 50. I was told to learn the ways of THE MAN and to grow up wanting all the things they had and now that i'm there it seems my elders were wrong and I need to get back to Basics and learn and teach my kids and wife the ways of my ancestors and learn to live off the land and not by the governments hand. So this is my blog on how I'm going about clearing my mind and relearning the ways of the land; how to grow my own food source and getting a sound plan for when SHTF or worse! It seems that after 9/11 the internet has flourished with sites about self sustained people teaching and giving their take on how to live in the coming years and what to look for and when you look around at the way things are going I can't help but think they my be right. So follow me as I take a take my family down the road to a new way of living with the land instead of taking from the land.
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  1. This is a great start! Should be interesting.

  2. I can relate to that. My parents had all these self sufficiency skills and know how and they taught us nothing because I think they didn't imagine that we would need them anymore. And know just remembering how much they really knew and how much easier my path to preparedness would be if I'd learn straight from them would be.

  3. The movement of sorts to be self-sustainable was actually even earlier than that! Quite a few books were written on a type of homestead like set up in many locations (urban, rural) way back in the 70's and even earlier. The generation ahead of you remembers the days before.. growing up with ice boxes, gas lamps, coal & wood heat.. outdoor plumbing and no hot water on tap.

    It is rather amazing how very little time it took to forget many basics of living unplugged.

    The reasons are many when it comes to being drawn to sustainably and personally taking on these endeavors. The compulsion to do just that by such a variety of people says a lot about current times.

  4. BCT - thanks for joining our blog...i will join yours and add you to our blogroll. we are always interested in meeting like-minded folk who are trying to look back and "re-learn" what we all should know.

    looking forward to more of your families' antics!

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